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Boston, Massachusetts

Will leaves the University Hotel, Orono, Maine - Goodbye Will! - Goodbye Bear!

Last night I met the third person who shared a birthday with me at the after show singing, so that was nice (the first was our PR Beth, in NY). The gig was good and we received a standing ovation. We left the hotel in Orono at 9 o’clock to make our way to Boston for our next concert at the Jordan Hall, we traveled by bus and it took four hours. Yesterday's birthday was good, and I appreciated all the birthday messages both on here and on social media.

Colonial Style house on the way out of Orono

The latest tour bus, comfortable seats but a very bumpy suspension

More bright colours at the truckstop supermarket on the way to Boston, Will is not impressed...

Ewan (who is playing and dancing a blinder) models his bobbly hat next to our tour bus.

Haven't seen many cactuses up here in Massachusetts - we didn't stop to find out if it was real!?

40 miles to Boston

Boston skyline

The Charles River

Boston vista from the underpass

Check in (yawn - here we go again)

We passed the Boston Red Sox Stadium on our way to the gig

An amazing auditorium - Jordan Hall at the New England Conservatory of Music - I bet some famous names have played here, but they are far too discreet to go bragging about it!

Another view of the auditorium


There we're plenty of impossibly young students bustling around carrying cello cases etc. It is a Classical Music joint - however our audience was sophisticated and highly enthusiastic - we blew the roof off the place by the end. Ben has a cold and tomorrow, we have a six o'clock start to catch a plane to Atlanta, Georgia with a gig in the afternoon - we'll have to dig deep for that one. More tomorrow Campers (I hope!)



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