Tony Penultimate


One things for sure - the dressing rooms at the Blackheath Concert Halls definitely need a refurb! This was the girls dressing room which Doug, our sound engineer complained about, and the theatre staff did eventually tidy it up - the other dressing room (which we all used in the end and I should have taken a picture of) was full of smashed furniture.  There was a gruesome head in a creepy cupboard as well just to make us feel at home....

The venue itself is great and I brought my girls up to see the show and we stayed with friends in London overnight.

We sold out the venue! Despite getting some comps for our friends, I need some more and I just managed to buy a couple more tickets before they all went.  It always great to play in London and we're back on the road in the UK this week (Guildford, Worthing and Hastings) this week so check back in soon Campers.



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