Tony Penultimate


What a tiring day yesterday was, half of the band had taken the flight from Gatwick and we found ourselves delayed by 3 hours as the plane had missed its take off slot.  The flight, when it happened was a pretty mellow experience (thank you Ryanair) with plenty of legroom for yours truly (bulkhead seat 1A if you're interested in these things) but we had to go straight to the theatre to soundcheck and eat a hurried meal of pizza.

Though the day was a bit of a mad scramble the band put on a damn fine show in the municipal splendour of the Ulster Hall. We are without Hester for the first two shows as her daughter is starting school but she will be rejoining the band in Galway

The first couple of rows were occupied by the local Uke club here called the Belfast Ukulele Jam @belfastukejam a fun bunch of players. It may be a rank old cliche for me but its great to see the way the instrument brings people together.



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