Tony Penultimate

Bad Aibling and home

I managed to get the photo bang in the middle as the driver was going pretty fast down the motorway. There is no speed limit on open stretches of motorways and its nothing to see Mercedes or Porches shooting by at 110 mph (or whatever that is in kilometres). No German politician would ever curtail this as its a certain vote loser!

We are in Southern Germany  - not far from Munich (where we fly back to the UK) and the scenery here is wonderful, I never get tired of looking at the landscape. 

Our Hotel in Bad Aibling is quite heavy on the antler action! It has a lot of furniture which I recognise as being typical of the 1970's - its a nice break from the regular hotel chains.

Some times I feel like I'm more of a travelling CD salesman than a musician! Here I am signing after the gig in Bad Aibling. 



We missed you Hester!
That grin has travelled a million miles!

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