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Back into the Breach in Berlin

Brezhnev kisses Honecker on a remaining section of the Berlin wall

Its always good to be back in Germany and particularly Berlin, with its trees, bikes and wide streets, where we used to play long residencies at the Tipi back in the day. We (Hester, Dave, Will and I) flew in on the early-ish flight from Heathrow yesterday to play two dates, one at the Berlin Konzerthaus and the second at Braunschweig (near Hannover) the rest of the crew had flown in the evening before. Ben Rouse is with us as George is taking a well earned break.

After our great gig at the Jazz Cafe in London, it was 'back to bling' as we were playing at the fantasticaly opulent Berlin Konzerthaus, a venue that we last played in May 2016.

The acoustics are amazing in the hall and many big classical music cheeses play here, I'm not sure what sort of an outfit we are: I think Dave described it best when he said - We are not a light entertainment band that dabbles in Punk music, but a Punk band that dabbles in light entertainment.

 A strongly disapproving Beethoven looks on as we soundcheck

Ben practices some tricky arpeggios in the dressing room

The show started ten minutes late as apparently, there had been some confusion about seating at the front of the hall, we tried to make light of this by going on in the wrong order, and then changing places to try and sympathise a bit with those punters who had had to move back a row. Here we are waiting in the wings to go on for the second half, it was a good concert and it was great to see several friends of the band had come, some from long distances to see us. Thank you: Andrea Bulletti, Silvana Maack and Esther Williamson (sorry if I've missed anyone) - the Ukes salute you!

Having a drink at the bar across the road - it's still warm in the evenings in Berlin - with some of the crew after the show (Dave forgot his ukulele, which was rescued by Will before he left the bar - Tsk Tsk!).



Hi Peter, Just catching up with your blog posts and came across this. Was great to meet everyone and hang out after the gig in Berlin. And good to see you all again back in blightly (Dorking)
Thank you Silvana! Thank you Andrea! So good to see both of you at the show. Keep well Peter!
Thanks for the great concert. I admire your musical harmony and your joke every time. I am in love with your "Ukulele & Pop" CD. See you next time
Hi Peter, it's always a pleasure seeing you in "action", thanks for your kindness!

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