Tony Penultimate

Back in Bloomington, IN

First pencil of the tour - the groovier the town, the less likely you are to get a hotel pen

It was a good call to travel to Bloomington ahead of schedule - its a much nicer place than the campus in Lansing, Michigan. It's almost like a film set really.....

After having a good sleep I still got up at 6 and went for a walk and breakfast. That big building on the left is our hotel.

Since most of the day passed uneventfully, I've thoughtfully documented some of my culinary adventures; breakfast was Eggs Benedict.

Bloomington is quite a young town with lots of students everywhere, there must be a university nearby.

This is the town square, like I said, it reminds me of the square in Back to the Future - picturebook America.

After breakfast I went back to the hotel for another doze and then decided to go out and get some lunch; Chicken Noodle Soup

The hotel we're staying at is quite studenty (its called "The Graduate") the lobby is full of students on their computers and littered with student magazines. I creepily took a picture over my shoulder, while pretending to take a selfie.

Here's the theatre - the Buskirk Chumley Theatre - we last played here in 2015

Sandra Bernhard has played here, she was in one of my all time favourite films - the King of Comedy, with De Niro and Jerry Lewis.

The theatre isn't that big, around 650/800 seats, but its nice to be playing a smaller place.


The gig turned out to be a real blinder, and 'Heroes' continues go down really well. We got a standing ovation and its nice to be playing a small (for us) theatre, a lovely intimate show where we could really pull out all the stops.

A woman (who I think had given us the same gift some years before) handed us all a New Testament in a padded bag at the signing - I'm not really religious (I'm more of a pantheist) and am a bit wary of the religious right/Tea Party in America - but these bags make excellent microphone covers if you're travelling. Besides I've never been offered the collected works of Aleister Crowley by a Satanist after a gig (plus an app, plus a padded bag) so I accepted in the spirit in which it was given (we all did). 



Thank you Kathy - we really enjoyed ourselves, lovely theatre and a lovely audience too (and the Hoosier hospitality was wonderful) Thank you too, Q - we're all loving forward to playing again in Kansas!
It was lovely reading your impressions of Bloomington. I am glad you enjoyed yourself. And I will agree with the other comment. Your gift of the NT from the audience member was fairly innocuous. Your gracious acceptance was all she cared about. ( And you got a microphone cover in the bargain! ). I hope you felt lots of Hoosier hospitality in your short visit. Next time: you need to see Indiana University to completely understand Bloomington. In the hills of southern Indiana, this university has produced the likes of Hoagy Carmichael, BF Skinner, Ernie Pyle, Jane Pauley, Kevin Kline, Mark Spitz, Elinor Olmsted, Joshua Bell, and many others. In many ways it is difficult to separate the town & the university. Come back soon, Peter!
Something I learned growing up in the Bible belt that makes it easier to deal with enthusiastic evangelicals: just tell yourself, "they think they're doing something ~nice~ for you". Sort of like those well-meaning elderly relatives that always give you wool socks for Christmas or something. Sounds like you've got all the 'gracious acceptance' routine down pat, though... looking forward to seeing you folks again tomorrow in Overland Park!

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