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Autumn in Paris and the booze ban ends!

Thank you to Ricky, who posted a comment asking if I got to the end of the month without drinking?! The answer is a qualified yes - after getting home from the German/Swiss tour, I had several fermented drinks of red wine to celebrate (the bottle disappeared with lip smacking/frightening speed) whereupon I developed a dreadful cold and have been sick all this week: - so off the booze again!

I was well enough to go for this one off gig at the Theatre de Colombes in Paris, which saw us reunited with George and Hester. Paris is great and its strange that we don't play more shows in France, given that its so close and several of the band are ardent francophones. Kudos must go to our dear friend and supporter Julie who has helped with the organisation of this gig.

Also Doug, our regular British sound guy was unavailable, so we had his dep Jeremy (above far left) who is a fine engineer and works with a lot of jazz acts (Loose Tubes) he came with us to Poland last year.

Here's the obligatory sound check photo and although I'm wearing a sweater, Paris was very hot for autumn.

The Theatre de Colombes is in the suburbs and is a very brown theatre - or is it beige?

Plenty of old friends turned out to see us and special thanks to Odile who presented all the band high end chocolates (which I passed on to my daughter, she thanks you Odile!). We are very lucky with our audience, they are our friends and they are fab.


Quite a strong police presence in Paris on the streets, its weird that, when we (my family) were deciding whether to take our holiday in Turkey after the bombing of Ankara Airport, I checked the security rating of Turkey on the Foriegn Office website, only to find that while Turkey was 'High Risk", London itself was "Severe" risk. (We went to Turkey and had a terrific time) I guess its quite high in Paris as well.

 And so it was back to the Gare du Nord for the Eurostar home.




Hi Ricky - yes I'll be there and off the wagon. Shame I can't bring my trusty walking stick that you made for me, look forward to catching up with you and Ruby (she is a saint!). Best to you both Peter
Any prediction for Florida? On or off the wagon? I do hope you'll be there regardless. It took all the talent (begging & promises) I could muster to persuade Ruby for one more gig. Well worth the price, though! Hope to see y'all Dec. 2. Maybe 1 & 3? Best!

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