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Atlanta, Georgia

Early Morning Call

I'm sorry I didnt post yesterday evening Campers, but it was the end of a very exhausting day. We had a 6AM call to get to Boston Logan airport, as we had a 3 o'clock show in Atlanta, Georgia at the Spivey Hall which we've played a couple of times before.

The gig the night before had gone well and I had the chance to catch up with some long lost cousins who live in Boston.

On our way to the airport

Unfortunately, our departure coincided with the day of the Boston Marathon, which meant that Logan airport was very busy.

Waiting in the queue at Logan at 6.45, Will reminded me that we were "living the dream"

I realise that I am always handing packages to Ben just before we go through security - a couple of days ago I gave him a pack of miso soups that I brought from the UK, as I was worried that, as a vegetarian he might not be getting enough to eat - yesterday, I handed him a small bottle of Rescue Remedy (Brit herbal remedy) to help with his cold - so far he hasn't been arrested!

Doug is an absolute brick! Despite being quite within his rights to tell me to f*** off - we all needed to sleep for the day ahead, he guest starred as Julio Iglesias in my latest ATTC film, producing a performance as restrained as it was thoughtful.

Julio Iglesias

and a progress report on the furry ferret

Arriving in Atlanta, it was raining and very humid - its wierd, considering just a few days ago we were in the freezing wilds of Iowa. Since I hadn't had time to have a shower that morning and I was still wearing my heavy overcoat,  I started sweating. I don't know much about Atlanta, except there is a burgeoning hip-hop scene here - this is the home town of Gucci Mane, the rapper who kept me awake in Phoenix last year with his infernal racket - sorry, dope beats!

Spivey Hall is located within the beautifully landscaped grounds of the Clayton State University (with an electricity pylon running through it). It is a small venue with just 400 seats (with an amazing accoustic) but thanks to an endowment, it can afford to bring in the heavy hitters of the classical music world.

This is not the first time I've been confonted with a wall of showbiz many theatres have them: but at Spivey the names are all so famous that just the prefixes are recognisable: Itzhak! Anne-Sophie! Yo Yo! Evgeny! Lang Lang! The nice director Sam told me they had several thousand more sitting in thier basement and they rotate them on a regular basis. Classical music publicity shots seem to fall into two categories: dull people standing outside some baroque setting (Viennese palace, Stately home) or intense people 'smouldering' - subtext: my life as an artist is hell, my soul is on fire, you cannot imagine the internal torment etc

Just a few of the amazing names who have played here (middle row) Dimitri Hvorostovsky (who sadly died recently) Ian Bostridge, Susan Graham and Bryn Terfel - who must have played here along time ago, judging by the german 'porn star' hairdo

Mrs Spivey

We have been joined by Jenny (Richie's wife) and Marie, Dave's paramour who are spending some time with us.



I'm speaking out of experience, LOL.
Thanks Klaus!
I see that your moustache is coming through very well. Trust me, it is a worthwhile first step to join Richie and Ben about the facial hairdo

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