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Art on a Ukulele

Well my friends, we are back to work after a quiet August, when the band took a break from touring.  Apart from Kitty's funeral, at the beginning of August, we haven't seen each other for a while. Speaking of Kitty, columnist Howard Jacobson, who attended the funeral, wrote a touching tribute to her, as did the website Ukulele Hunt and it was good to see so many old friends, including some former members of the original Ukes (from the eighties).

So it was up to Camden in London for a benefit concert for the Hepatitis C Trust.  The Trust, along with painter Mick Rooney had commisioned well known artists to paint ukuleles, which were then going to be auctioned later in September, and as well as playing, we were going to have some pictures taken with the Ukes.  

Excuse my thumb, here's the Jazz Cafe, one of the three great London Jazz Clubs (the others are Ronnie Scotts and the 606 Club). I hadn't been here since I saw Jose Feliciano play in the 90's. It hadnt changed much, except that I felt a lot older.....

The dressing room was tiny, just about enough room for 6 people, so we changed in shifts! We were playing with the Massive Violins, a side project of the singer Grace Chatto from Clean Bandit. Apparently, she had been brought in by Gemma Peppe (below centre) who was the Hepatitis C Trust events organiser, who had worked as a booker for DJ's and Clubs back in the day; also in the background is veteran newscaster, Jon Snow (for US peeps, he's a sort of British Walter Cronkite).


Up close, the Ukulele's were pretty impressive - here's Leisa with a ukulele painted by David Mach

Soundchecking with the Massive Violins 

and here's the ukulele I was photographed with - by Fipsi Seilern

It was great to play in a club again and to be so close to our audience, the undoubted highlight of the evening was the performance of 'Hey Jude' by Jon Snow, who also acted as MC for the event. Delivered in his own eccentric and inimitable style and willed on by the crowd singing 'Na Na Na Na Na Na Na' at the top of their lungs, it was a fitting end to a great evening.

The Art on a Ukulele auction will be held on 21 September 2017



Come and say hello after the show Andrea!
Hi Peter, good to see you and the Orchestra on the road again, i'll be in Berlin this sunday and i'm very excited!!! See you, cheers!

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