Tony Penultimate

An Experiment in Sound

I'm probably tempting fate a little here, but I'm betting that the gig tonight in Watford will not be much different from the one I came back from in Ipswich. I'll get into my car, drive to Watford, soundcheck, eat before the show, play the show, sign and meet audience, go to hotel, relax and go to sleep.

So here's something I found from a few years back, a couple of quick films I shot on my mobile phone, when the band was on tour in the UK in 2011. We were asked to make some recordings with the Vulcan Cylinder Recording Company, based in Sheffield, which uses antique recording technology. I don't think that the results were a success, as ukulele's don't have the projection cylinder recording needs: 'punchy' sounding instruments are better - banjos, opera singers etc. Certainly I don't think we or Vulcan records ever issued anything.

Here's a picture from the UOGBs Facebook page. Apologies for the locker room/boys will be boys banter but as they say in Finland:"minun verkkosivuilla, minun säännöt" - my website my rules zapped through google translate.

I expect that as soon as I post this there will be some ukulele related terrorist outrage tonight.....



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