Tony Penultimate

A Ukulele Sandwich

This hotel is not quite as classy as I described in my blog yesterday - sitting on my balcony, I heard the deafening racket of ukuleles and needless to say, peeping over the parapet, saw Richie on top, Viola (tour manager) in the middle and Ben at the bottom, all very rock ’n’ roll - its called a ukulele sandwich!

I forgot to mention that I am still off the booze - only three more days and I’ll have done a month. Needless to say in Germany, its beers a go go! Last night after coming off stage, there were 10 chilled beers lined up for the whole band, I passed mine over to Matthew (Violas boyfriend) while I simpered in the corner with an apple juice. The food as ever is terrific.


We have come to Stolpe, which is a kind of German Shangri-La. Its part of the the same festival that we played yesterday, so the same tech crew are here (all nice peeps) and the gig is in a converted medieval barn/stable - the Germans really know how to get the best out of their old buildings. Last night a factory - tonight a barn!

Tonight we do our three hour drive straight after the gig to get to Berlin, so we can take the plane to Zurich tomorrow, to do our last gig in Lucerne.


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