Tony Penultimate

A Statement concerning Underpants plus the Pentastrophy.

Some first impressions of Palm Desert, suburb of Palm Springs.

  • It is not cold - its warm! (although season wise its autumn/fall).
  • Powerfull smell of disinfectant in the hotel room, however rooms are all clean and tidy.
  • Walking around, population seems to be mostly retired peeps and Hispanics.
  • Several of the Ukes have been in for a swim and say the pool is boiling.

Street view of Fred Waring Drive (he used to be a swing era bandleader)

Breakfast at Cactus Jacks, Palm Desert (this is the internet after all, and since I don't carry a cat on tour, here's a food photo).

For me, I might be in the desert, but I need to wash my clothes, I have no clean underpants and thank goodness, there was a washing machine by the pool. However, since I also wanted to do two washes, I used the bath to do my whites - it was a sort of private/public partnership thing (which never work out and leave everyone unsatisfied).

The whites sit unhappily in the bath

Pants proudly drying on the balcony, I survey my handiwork.

And finally something to break all our hearts a little, upon arrival at The Inn at Deep Canyon (remember that name) I dumped my bags and immediately looked around for the pen, but it was nowhere to be seen..

C'MON! FARQUAR-HEAD! THE PEN! WHERE THE FARQUAR IS IT?! I shouted, like Samuel L Jackson, in Pulp Fiction, throwing furniture round the room!

WHERE'S THE MUTHA-FARQUAR-ING PEN! YOU FARQUAR-HEAD! I screamed, turning the room upside down...........

But it was no good....*

I looked and looked and then went down to reception where they'd just packed up for the night. Going back to my room, I chanced upon Richie and asked if he had one in his room, whereupon he pulled out the black pen which said STAPLES on the side!!! (the Office Supplier - see above). In other words no branded pens at the Inn at Deep Canyon.

Sure, I'll carry on collecting, but understand this, a little something died inside me, on the steps outside Richie's room last night, and it'll be a while before I can look at the world in the face again.

* if you are late to the party and wonder what the farquar this is all about, I'm collecting pens from the hotels the UOGB have travelled through on this tour (see blog of 2 Dec).



Thanks Phredd - it was! Good to see that photo of you singing carols on fb - we've been strumming them in the heat of Pam Springs very weird.
That breakfast looks amazing!

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