Tony Penultimate

A Recording Session

Apparently we were going to record some stuff at Abbey Road Studios, where the Beatles recorded and named their famous album after, however Abbey Road now charges extra if you plan on using their 'brand name' in your album title, which is precisely what everyone wants to do (including us). So we wont be doing a facsimile of the famous photo of us walking across the pedestrian crossing on Abbey Road. Instead we came to this nice studio in East London to record some tracks from our show that havent appeared on any of our discs - (as they used to say). Its been a three day recording session and, as the Ukes work pretty fast once we get down to it, we didnt take long. The only problem has been that as it is summer and the studio is soundproofed (so no air conditioning because of the noise/hum) - after spending several hours in there as part eight piece band it gets hot and stuffy with NO oxygen!

 A lonely ukulele on the floor - PLEASE DONT STEP ON ME!

 A discussion

 Lead Vocal microphone

Yet another discussion

General Studio mess

 A hands on hips moment while we record some backing vocals

 Hester tries my microphone for size while George looks on - we've done this sort of thing before to general hilarity

.........and here's what iot looks like from my microphone/point of view

 The benefits of being tall - Back of the photograph AGAIN! Backs of herads from L to R are Jonty, Leisa, Will, Hester, George, Richie, Jodi (mngr). Thats Jamie Wagg taking the photgraph he does our merch at UK gigs




Peter - Congratulations to your daughter on her songwriting win! I never did anything like that when I was young so well done her - I hope her recording goes well when she gets her day in the studio, would love to hear it!
Thanks Andrea! The recording went well and the word is that we're aiming to have it eready for Berlin....
Interesting hearing about your recording experiences as my 14 year old daughter won a songwriting competition and has won a day in a studio later this month (only at a local college, nothing to get too excited about but a great experience nonetheless). It'll be just her and her Ukulele recording the tune she wrote. Anyway, looking forward to the Ukes new album!
...and now i'm waiting for the new cd! i hope it will be ready for the Berlin gig!

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