Tony Penultimate

A Journey into Loneliness

Heathrow Express

Since I am no longer able to leap out of bed at 4AM, hit the road for a couple of hours driving up to Heathrow, wondering with every traffic bottleneck, whether I'll make it to the airport on time. I now spend the night prior to an early flight at a hotel near to the airport, thoughtfully provided by the Ukes.

Travelling on the pod to my Heathrow hotel

Its an odd and lonely feeling, leaving the house, then travelling on a late night train up to (and across) London , past all the drunks etc and on to my hotel.

Much, much worse, is the feeling when you get to the end of a long hotel corridor, such as this one, to find that your key card dosent work and you have to make the sad tramp back to reception to get another.......

However, things felt much better this morning after a good nights sleep and a bit of sunshine.

After meeting up with the other Ukes at Terminal 5, ahead of our flight to Berlin, we assembled for the now traditional breakfast at Giraffe (Restaurant) - more tomorrow Campers!


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