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A Christmas Cracker

Like some dreadful old ham who wont leave the stage, here I am again, but this time I'm sticking my hand out!

I’m going fundraising over Christmas and the New Year for Streetlink, a homeless charity, that helps rough sleepers in Britain access services to which they are entitled (but often don't know it).

Last Christmas, when I went swimming in the sea in all my clothes, I was surprised by the generosity of people on the internet who donated though the fundraising website Justgiving, so I thought I’d do it again and solicit online. 


Some long range readers of this blog may remember that from time to time I’ve made reference to my theatre company The ATTC (Airline Toilets Theatre Company) and the films I’ve made on aeroplanes - I even did a blog about making a film, where I sung a song, while riding a horse on an aeroplane. Well, I’m going to put all my films up over the 12 days of Christmas plus a trailer (see above) and a ‘Making of’ documentary on the 6th to try and raise money for Streetlink.

Don't worry I'm not going to send anyone begging emails etc, but I am just letting you know.

Please feel free to donate, or if you can’t donate, any sharing on social media would be very much appreciated; and rest assured that though all these films were filmed in airplane toilets, there is nothing obscene or inappropriate in them (you wont be seeing any dick pics on your timeline) - just classic speeches, songs and dances all recorded 30,000 feet, in a confined space, on a tight budget, by a not very good actor.

Here's the Schedule:

25th December - The Impossible Dream /song

26th December - The Gettysburg Address /speech

27th December - The Wonder of You /song

28th December - Hamlet /speech

29th December - Voodoo Chile /song

30th December - Julius Caesar /speech

31st December - Nessun Dorma /song

1st January - A Tribute to James Bond /dance

2nd January - Bohemian Rhapsody /song

3rd January - You Can Leave You Hat On /dance

4th January - Wandrin’ Star /song

5th January - The Last Waltz /song

6th January - The Making of the Airline Toilets Theatre Company /doc


You can DONATE on my just giving page here 

and I’ll be posting it all right here on my website and on Facebook as well.


So to kick things of I’m going to auction my set of pens that I’ve collected over the twenty days of this tour of the US on eBay - if you want to read the blog of the Tour START HERE and find out the story of how I collected them all. 



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