Tony Penultimate

A Bit More Boulder and on to Kansas

Apparently, Leisa walked off stage at Boulder last night, - though Dave, me and Ben didn't notice at the time. During Jonty's whistling solo (Bach's Badinerie w solo uke by Will) during the second half of the show, the stage manager was talking loudly on his mobile phone in the wings, stage right - plainbly audible onstage! There aren't many rules in the theatre, but basically while a show is on you don't walk onstage (if you're not in the show) and you shut up backstage. So she got out of her chair and went to tell him to shut the Farquar up! Despite that, the show was good - and sold out!

Goodbye John Glenn - newspaper cover in the lobby!

Leaving Boulder, Colorado - its a pretty town 

Mountains in Colorado 

 On the way to the airport

 Lantern jawed pilot on the shuttle at Denver airport


Travelled with the Washington State University Basketball team on the plane to Kansas. Great guys! 


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